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Our professional managers have the expertise to make your storage experience a pleasant one. Review these helpful tips as you consider Creative Self Storage for all your storage needs.

Creative Self Storage is not responsible for the items you store. It is your responsibility to carry insurance coverage. Your homeowners insurance will often cover this need but we also offer 3rd party insurance.

Always use high quality locks on your unit. Locks are available for sale.

Be careful not to store anything combustible (such as paint and chemicals) or perishable (such as food that is not permanently sealed).

Store furniture carefully on boards or pallets.

Mattresses should be covered and stored flat on level surfaces.

Use furniture drawers for delicate items and specially wrap and label them as "Fragile." Bubble wrap and packing paper are excellent for these purposes.

Break down items such as table legs and store tabletops and sofas on end to save space.

Use protective covers and treat wood surfaces before storing.

Larger appliances are excellent packing cases for towels, blankets, etc.

Use trash cans to store shovels, hoes and rakes.

Choose a properly sized unit. Your site manager will help you find a unit that fits your individual needs.

Plan and manage your space. Keep an inventory of stored items at home and plan your layout for easy access and walkways to items you'll need. Your site manager can help make the most efficient use of your space.